Effective March 2024


Below is an overview of checklist items to assist customers with some of the processes required to file an insurance claim with Caribbean Cargo DC’s (CCDC) cargo insurance carrier: MARSH. This is intended to assist customers who ship large/bulk cargo or full container loads. Customer must file each insurance claim and comply with MARSH insurance carrier requirements for all claims help including refunds. This applies whether or not the customer has purchased insurance for their cargo including claims filed on insurance purchase after the claim filing deadline has passed.


This checklist will accompany the insurance documents customers are required to complete for their bulk and/or full container-load shipments:


❖ Customers MUST declare accurate value of shipment and pay insurance fee before departure to final destination

❖ Customers agree to the declared deadline for filing a claim and agrees to the timeline or estimated processing time for claims

❖ Customers MUST provide a detailed & itemized packing list PRIOR to shipment

❖ Customers MUST provide purchase receipts for damaged/missing goods

❖ A detailed incident report from the vendor agent at cargo’s final destination is required (include the nature/condition of goods at time of receipt)

❖ Customers MUST provide the name of the person who picked up and cleared their cargo at the final destination

❖ Customers MUST provide all supporting photos BEFORE the customer/consignee takes the cargo home

❖ Customers agree to be responsible for alerting the vendor agent at the final destination as soon as they observe damage

❖ Customers MUST provide detailed and clear photos of damaged goods

❖ By shipping with CCDC, customers agree that used TVs WILL NOT BE INSURED

❖ Customers MUST sign damage waiver forms when shipping used TVs or if declining tv insurance for shipment of new TVs

❖ Damage waiver must be signed if declining wrap & strap services for larger sized products and/or products valued over $500 (i.e., appliances, motorized items and building materials)

❖ If customers decline the wrap & strap of any item invoiced on their respective shipment, the default position must be to sign the damage waiver for that item as insurance for the item(s) should no longer be applicable

❖ CCDC will process insurance request and provided the certificate issued by MARSH

❖ Deductibles are set by MARSH and are to be payable if a claim is filed

❖ Once the customer has been provided with the certificate, all further discussions regarding claims or coverage is to be directed solely to MARSH

❖ CCDC does not handle, nor do we help process any claims


NOTE: For vehicle shipments, please refer to the detailed instructions on pages 4-5 of the insurance inventory form.